Gods of Mylapore

Gods of Mylapore

Walking tour in Chennai

Rs 1800 onwards
Mylapore walk in Chennai to listen to tales of Gods, lore of St Thomas & visit a divine beach

Ancient port & modern cultural nerve centre

Trace back Mylapore’s history to Roman Times when it used to trade pepper and fine cloth with Rome for Gold! Visit 7th century Kapaleeshwar temple for a mesmerizing experience of rituals and serenity. Revisit the pages of Marco Polo's dairy about St Thomas at San Thome Basilica. Learn about revolutionary philosopher saint , Ramakrishna, at his universal temple, a multimedia museum and an enchanting library.

Demystify Hindu Gods & Temple rituals

From far, the thousands of Hindu Gods and complex rituals in temples look bewildering! During the Mylapore Walk, our Cultural Evangelist will demystify the reason for so many Gods and purpose of Temple rituals

Cultural evangelist

Mylapore Walk is led by a cultural evangelist who will bring alive the cultural heritage of Mylapore.

Relics of St Thomas

Visit the Shrine in San Thome Basilica to see relics like a small bone of St Thomas, the head of the lance with which the Saint was pierced and an ancient painting of Our Blessed Mother .

Legendary Mylapore Coffee

Iconic Filter Coffee of Mylapore will be served during the Mylapore Walk.

Does Mylapore Walk sound like fun?

Pricing Chart

5+ Persons
  • Guide
  • Coffee
  • Entrance Charges
2-4 Persons
  • Guide
  • Coffee
  • Entrance Charges
Single Person
  • Guide
  • Coffee
  • Entrance Charges

Mylapore Walk Itinerary

Kapaaleswar Temple, local eatery Ramakrishna Mutt, Santhome Basilica, Beach & Light House

8:00 AM - Ramakrishna Mutt
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead the Mylapore walk, outside Ramakrishna Mutt in Mylapore. Visit the universal temple, multimedia museum and library.
8:30 AM - Kapaaleswar Temple
Take a guided walk inside the Temple and its surroundings and understand the rituals and customs.
9:00 AM - Filter Coffee
Filter coffee in a local eatery is planned in the Mylapore Walk.
09:30 AM - Jain Temple
Vasupujya Swami temple is a Shwetambara Jain temple and has an impressive architecture. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mahavira and the other 24 Tirtankaras (spiritual teachers).
11:00 AM - Santhome Basilica
Gothic architecture, ancient paintings and relics of St Thomas make this walk a memorable one.

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“Tour was excellent. Really informative with lots of insights, stories and anecdotes. Kannan, my guide, was very passionate about everything we were seeing. The tour gave me a real feel for life in Chennai. Starting at 8am was perfect as it meant that it wasn’t too hot when walking and the 3 hours flew by. My one bit of advice would be to follow the example of locals and wear sandles as you need to take your shoes off when inside the temples. This was a thoroughly enjoyable tour with a fabulous guide. I would definitely recommend it.”
Colin Rogers
Management Consultant
“It was an amazing tour where Dhanalakshmi told us amazing stories of the numerous gods and goddesses and what they can do for the devotees. It was a fantastic experience to listen to the legends simplified for us. The Dosa and coffee were mind-blowing!”
Douglas Bakers

Story of Chennai through British Buildings

British Architecture Walk in Chennai focuses on many great monuments which were built during the British rule. The Walk covers Central Railway Station, Rippon Building, Southern Railway Headquarters, Victory Memorial, Fort St George, Napier Bridge and University of Madras. 

Join our Marina Beach Walk

Walk on the Marina Beach, sip in the festivity and learn the legacy of the City through its statues. Experience the city’s beliefs at Parthasarthy Temple. Learn about Swamy Vivekananda, one of the greatest Philosophers who took Indian Philosophy to the West. Climb an old Light House for an incredible aerial perspective of Chennai!

Rock cut Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram Tour from Chennai takes us to the 8th century world heritage site famous for spectacular rock cut architecture. The experience comprises spell binding Pancha Rathas or Chariots carved in stone, Asia’s largest bas-relief structure at Arjuna’s Penance, a gravity defying boulder and the magnificent Shore Temple, which was one of the 7 Pagodas as mentioned by Marco Polo during his visit in the 11th Century.

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