The Marina Beach Walk

Marina Beach Walk

Enjoy a guided walk, visit a colourful temple, learn about Vivekananda who opened up Indian Philosophy to West, listen to the story of Chennai through its statues!

World's second longest beach & soul of Chennai

Walk on the Marina Beach, sip in the festivity and learn the legacy of the City through its statues. Experience the city's beliefs at Parthasarthy Temple. Learn about Swamy Vivekananda, one of the greatest Philosophers who took Indian Philosophy to the West. Climb an old Light House for an incredible aerial perspective of Chennai!

Feel the pulse of Chennai

Marina Beach is where the pulse of Chennai can be gauged. Soak in the atmosphere and meet the city's people. While the statues tell the history of the city, the beach itself is where common people gather to voice their opinion on issues to those in power.

Cultural evangelist

This Marina Beach walk in Chennai is led by a cultural evangelist who will bring alive the cultural heritage of Chennai through Marina.

Visit an ancient Temple

Visit the ancient Parthasarthy temple in the Marina Beach walk in Chennai to experience the beliefs of people of Chennai. Witness the colorful rituals & traditions and appreciate their purpose and significance through our cultural evangelist.

Get to know a great Philosopher

Learn about Swamy Vivekananda one of India's greatest philosophers at his memorial on the Marina Beach. Vivekananda was the first person who opened up Indian philosophy to the West at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893.

Does Marina Beach walk in Chennai sound like fun?

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5+ Persons
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  • Coffee
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2-4 Persons
  • Guide
  • Coffee
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Single Person
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Marina Beach walk Itinerary

Marina beach, Parthasarthy temple, Vivekananda memorial, jallikattu memorial, Statues & Light House

4:00 PM - Light House
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead the Marina Beach walk in Chennai, outside the Light House on the Marina. Climb up for a great view of the Beach and the City. Explore the maritime museum.
4:30 PM - Marina Beach
Walk on the beach, soak in the festive atmosphere and listen to the story of Chennai through its statues.
5: 30 PM - Vivekananda House
Learn about Swamy Vivekananda and his landmark speech about Indian Philosophy at the World Parliament of Religions at Chicago.
7:00 PM Parthasarthy Temple
Marina Beach walk in Chennai ends after we take a guided walk inside the Temple and its surroundings and understand the rituals.

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“I had an evening free and it was well spent on this walk. The beach is so rejuvenating and it brings the city and its alive with its effervescence! I thoroughly enjoyed the story of the city and significance of Jallikattu from Kannan. Take this walking tour for a splendid evening.”
Sandra Smith
Home maker
“The Marina walk is a lovely way to understand the heritage of the city. I loved the company of Vijay and how evocatively he brought me to understand and appreciate the beliefs & customs of the people here. It was great fun as well and i would strongly recommend this walk to anyone visiting Chennai for the first time.”
Martin Barnes

Mahabalipuram Tour from Chennai takes us to the 8th century world heritage site famous for spectacular rock cut architecture. The experience comprises spell binding Pancha Rathas or Chariots carved in stone, Asia’s largest bas-relief structure at Arjuna’s Penance, a gravity defying boulder and the magnificent Shore Temple, which was one of the 7 Pagodas as mentioned by Marco Polo during his visit in the 11th Century

The Walk covers Central Railway Station, Rippon Building, Southern Railway Headquarters, Victory Memorial, Fort St George, Napier Bridge and University of Madras. Includes a visit to St Mary’s Church, the oldes Anglican Church east of the Suez.


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