Discover Chennai through British Buildings

British Architecture Walk in Chennai

Rs 2000 onwards
Listen to the story of Chennai told through its British buildings

Blend of Victorian Gothic & Indo-Saracenic

This Chennai walk focusses on many great monuments which were built during the British rule in an architectural style blending British as well as Indian elements. The Walk covers Central Railway Station, Ripon Building, Southern Railway Headquarters, Victory Memorial, Fort St George, Napier Bridge and University of Madras. Includes a visit to St Mary's Church, the oldes Anglican Church east of the Suez.

Buildings tell the best story of a city

Chennai was an important power centre during the British rule in India. Listen to the Chennai story through the buildings built in that period.

Cultural evangelist

This British Architecture Walk in Chennai is led by a cultural evangelist who will explain the history of these buildings as well as the fate of their masters.

Harmonious blend of styles

British Architecture Walk in Chennai will make you appreciate the harmony in blending of Victorian Gothic, Indo-Saracenic and Byzantine styles of architecture.

Does this British Architecture Walk in Chennai sound like fun?

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British Architecture Walk in Chennai

8:00 AM - Central Railway Station
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead British Architecture Walk in Chennai, outside the Vijaya Bank ATM at the entrance of the Central Reservation building.
8:20 AM - Rippon Building
Named after Lord Ripon, a Governor-General of British India, today this building is the office of Mayor of Chennai.
8: 50 AM - Southern Railway HQ
The Southern Railway headquarters was one of the earliest buildings in India to be built with reinforced concrete.
09:10 AM Victory Memorial
Next in British Architecture Walk in Chennai, we visit The Victory War Memorial, formerly called the Cupid’s bow, a memorial constructed to commemorate the victory of the Allied Armies during World War I
09:30 AM - Fort St George
Fort St. George, is the first English Fortress built in 1644 by the East India Company. We will also visit St Mary’s Church, the oldest Anglican Church of India
10:15 AM - Napier Bridge
Napier Bridge was built in 1869 across the Coovum river and is named after the British governor of Fort St George,
11: AM - British Architecture Walk in Chennai ends at Madras University
The Senate House is the administrative center of the University of Madras. We part ways after appreciating this Indo Saracenic beauty.

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February 2020
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“We were a group of friends who took this walk in Chennai during a vsiit. Vijay was an incredible guide. He told us interesting stories about every building starting from the arrival of officials of East India Company to the City, till their departure after Indian independence! This a is a great way to learn about Chennai, its origins and the evolution of this erstwhile fishing village to the mega metropolis today. ”
John Deakins
“This walk turned out to be a lovely outing for us both. We had already been to the prominent monuments and were looking for a authentic city walk that can tell us the real story of this city. Vijay was the perfect guide and he really helped us get a perspective of the British influence on this traditional society and how the people of Chennai imbibed the best of both worlds. You will get to listen to the story behind every prominent building in the itinerary. There is a fair amount of walking involved, but it is worth it”
Pamela Simmons

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