Bangalore of Yore

Heritage walk in Bangalore

Rs2250 onwards
Ancient temples, a medieval bazaar & local eateries of Malleswaram

Charming neighborhood in a time warp!

A walk though Malleswaram is a journey back in time. A time when Bangalore was a pensioner's paradise! Visit a colorful temple dedicated to a mischievous God. Savor delicacies like Idli & Vada at a local eatery. Walk through a vibrant local bazaar. Unravel the origin of "Malleswaram" at an ancient temple of the forest god. A mysterious temple dedicated to a sacred Bull beckons you.

3 unique temples

A temple dedicated to Lord Krishna, the mischievous God, an ancient temple after which the locality is named, and a Bull temple steeped in mystery.

Cultural Evangelist

A cultural evangelist, born and brought up in this locality will lead the Old Bangalore Walk.

Idli, Vada & Filter Coffee

Tasting Idli, Vada & other delicacies in popular local eateries is a highlight of this Old Bangalore Walk. A sip of Filter Kaapi take you back to the Bangalore of Yore.

Famous bazaars

The Bazaars of Malleswaram are a riot of colors and offer some great bargains.

Does Bangalore of Yore sound like fun?

Pricing Chart

4+ Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Traditional Breakfast
2-3 Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Traditional Breakfast
Single Person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Traditional Breakfast

Trip Itinerary

Walking tour of Malleswaram covering Temple of Lord Krishna, breakfast at local eatery, bazaar, ancient temple of Lord Shiva & mysterious Bull temple.

8:00 AM - Venugopalaswamy Temple
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead the Old Bangalore Walk, outside Venugopalaswamy Temple in 11th Cross, Malleswaram.
8:45 AM - Breakfast
Savor traditional breakfast comprising Idli, Vada & Dosa at a local eatery.
9:45 AM - Bazaar
Old Bangalore Walk next takes you through a bazaar famous with the locals.
10:15 AM- Kadu Malleswara Temple
Visit the famous temple which lent its name to Malleswaram.
11:00 AM- Old Bangalore Walk ends at Nandeeshwara Temple
After pondering over the mysteries of this ancient tempe of Nandi, we part ways.

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February 2020
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“Malleswaram is indeed a quiet neighborhood rich in tradition. We had a great time walking like the locals and eating in the local favourites, visiting temples and shopping in the colourful bazaars. It is highly recommended to see a different side of the Silicon valley of India.”
Anna Grover
“It was a delightful 3 hours as we walked past an ancient residential neighborhood. The food was fantastic and as authentic as it can get in Bangalore. The markets were a riot of colours and busy with local people doing their weekend bargain shopping!”
Paul Graham

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