Stalking the Tiger of Mysore

Stalking the Tiger of Mysore

Tipu Sultan Walk in Bangalore

Rs 1950onwards
Tipu Sultan walking tour in Bangalore unravels the legend of Tiger of Mysore. Walk to his Palace, a secret armoury, Bangalore Fort, a temple & the largest wholesale market.

Military genius, rocket pioneer & reformer

Unravel the legend in the Tipu Sultan walking tour in Bangalore. Visit his Summer Palace and relive key milestones in Tipu’s life including his early life, economic & social reforms, his victories & eventual defeat. Visit a secret armory of rockets Tipu pioneered in warfare. Walk to the Fort of Kempe Gowda, the founder of Bangalore which played a strategic role in the Anglo Mysore wars. Visit an old temple of Lord Vishnu and KR Market, the largest wholesale market of commodities in Bangalore.

Footprints of the Tiger

This walk in Bangalore takes you to key places like the Summer Palace, Bangalore Fort and secret armory which influenced the history & geography of Bangalore and the entire region.

Cultural evangelist

Tipu Sultan walk in Bangalore is led by a cultural evangelist who will unravel Tipu Sultan's legend for you.

Sensorial extravaganza

The visit to the largest wholesale market of Bangalore with its myriad smells, colors and sounds will be a sensorial extravaganza in this walk in Bangalore!


Snacks and local delicacies will be provided as refreshments during the Tipu Sultan walk in Bangalore.

Does unravelling Tipu Sultan's legend sound like fun?

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4+ Persons
  • Guide
  • Coffee
  • Entrance Charges
2-3 Persons
  • Guide
  • Coffee
  • Entrance Charges
Single Person
  • Guide
  • Coffee
  • Entrance Charges

Walk Itinerary

Kr Market, Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan, Kote Venkatramana Temple, Bangalore Fort & Tipu Armoury

8:00 AM - KR Market
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead the Tipu Sultan walk in Bangalore, at the entrance to KR Market Metro station.
8:45 AM - Bangalore Fort
Bangalore Fort was built by Kempe Gowda the founder of Bangalore.
9:30 AM - Kote Venkatamana Temple
Next in the Tipu sultan walk in Bangalore, we will visit a temple of Lord Vishnu which was built in the 17th century
10:00 AM Tipu Summer Palace
The Summer Palace of Tipu is a fascinating structure with teak pillars and frescoes
10:30 AM - Tipu's Armory
Tipu Sultan had this secret armory for storing ammunition including rockets.
11:00 AM - Tipu Sultan Walk ends
We part ways at Tipu’s Armoury, to meet another day.

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“We were a group of 4 friends and enjoyed this walk immensely. Chandrasekhar was very knowledgeable about Tipu Sultan and his wars with the British. We enjoyed the snack break at a local eatery. It was a lovely day.”
Catherine John
“I had an amazing experience with 5 Senses Walks. l took the "Stalking the Tiger of Mysore" walk in Bangalore. Our cultural evangelist Nagaraj was an incredible story teller. We got to know the real man behind the legend of Tipu Sultan. He busted many myths associated around Tipu during the walk. Highly recommended and worth every minute of the 3 hours.”
Shane Dawson

Mysore, land of Maharajas

In the tour of Mysore, you will experience the royal legacy of the Mysore Kingdom. We will relive the royal times through a visit to the  fabulous Mysore Palace, the Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan the Tiger of Mysore, the notorious Bailey’s dungeons and Devraja Market the charming old bazaar. This is an all inclusive trip where we take care of transport, lunch, entrance charges and the services of a full-time tour guide

Belur & Halebid wonders

Belur & Halebid tour from Bangalore is to the 12th century when Hoysala Architecture was at its zenith. We will marvel at sculptures signed off by their creators at Chennakesava Temple in Belur which took a hundred years to build! The patronage of Art & Architecture by the Hoysala Kings will be in full display at Hoysalesvara and Shantalesvara temples at Halebid along with a giant statue of Nandi the bull .

Sacred Bull Walk

Visit the Bull Temple & unravel the mystery of the iron plate on its head. Indulge in a pleasant walk through 240 acres of gardens. Visit an astronomically aligned ancient temple which witnesses a remarkable solar phenomenon once a year. Walk through a local bazaar and get a feel for the real Bangalore!

Filter Kaapi Walk

Discover why Bangalore is a haven for foodies in this food walk in Bangalore. Sample Bangalore’s best Idli stitched in jackfruit leaves, butter dosa and the legendary 4 yard filter coffee in eateries best known for each of these delicacies. Experience the culture and learn more about the city and its people through legends and lore. Walk through a local bazaar and feel more alive!

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