Filter Kaapi Trail

Food walk in Bangalore

Rs 2250 onwards
Idli stitched in jackfruit, masala dosa, piping hot filter coffee & local bazaar

Eat where the locals do!

Discover why Bangalore is a haven for foodies in this food walk in Bangalore. Sample Bangalore's best Idli stitched in jackfruit leaves, butter dosa and the legendary 4 yard filter coffee in eateries best known for each of these delicacies. Experience the culture and learn more about the city and its people through legends and lore. Walk through a local bazaar and feel more alive!

Authentic local delicacies

We will visit 5 local eateries in this food walk in Bangalore, each best known for its Idli, vada, dosa, upma and filter coffee respectively.

Cultural Evangelist

A cultural evangelist will help you experience the culture of the city through its food in this food walk in Bangalore.

Eateries off the tourist trail

In this food walk in Bangalore, you will discover local eateries tucked away from tourist route which the locals love.

Local bazaars

The local bazaars are a riot of colors and offer some great bargains.

Does a food walk in Bangalore sounds like fun?

Pricing Chart

4+ Persons
Rs 2250/person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Traditional Breakfast
2-3 Persons
Rs 2750/person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Traditional Breakfast
Single Person
Rs 3250/person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Traditional Breakfast


Experience Bangalore's best delicacies at local eateries in this food walk in Bangalore.

8:00 AM - Idli stitched in jackfruit leaves
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead this food walk in Bangalore, outside KFC at Mantri Mall entrance. The food trail commences with Kotte Kadubu. It is a heavenly breakfast comprising steaming Idlis stitched in jackfruit leaves.
9:00 AM - Butter Dosa
It is time for the dish Bangalore is best know for. Butter is added to Dosa which is a crepe like pancake made from fermented batter.
10AM- Bazaar
We visit a street bazaar with colorful merchandise and the hang out for local gossip during this food walk in Bangalore.
11 AM- Filter Coffee
This food walk in Bangalore ends after we visit an iconic restaurant steeped in history and have Filter Coffee, the magic potion of Bangalore. Learn the secret of 4 yard coffee before leaving us!

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February 2020
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“Wow, what a morning! We tasted all that is great in Bangalore. The dishes were heavenly and the restaurants were all as authentic as you can get anywhere and with a long history. I am longing for my second visit!”
James Patterson
“The Filter Kaapi walk was outstanding. It was so much fun tasting all these sensational local dishes in quaint eateries. Chandrasekhar was a fantastic guide and he knew his dosa and coffee!”
Doug Sinders
Music Critic

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