Pete Walk in Bangalore

Pete Walk in Bangalore

Rs 1950 onwards
Pete Walk in Bangalore is about rediscovering the essense of Old Bangalore in amedieval neighborhood with bazaars, mansions & forts.

Rediscover Old Bangalore at Pete

Rediscover the essence of old Bangalore during Pete Walk in Bangalore.. The Pettah came into being on 1537 with the establishment of a mud fort by Kempe Gowda the founder of Bangalore. Over the last 250 years the Pettah has evolved into the most important commercial hub of Bangalore. Walk past quaint bazaars selling everything from textiles to silver, gold, spices, flower and bronze items to get a real feel for the oldest settlement of Bangalore.

Bazaars of yore

The bustling market is a riot of colors and acts as a nerve center for small traders and shop owners. Flower, Fruit , Spice, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Silk are the most popular merchandise.

Cultural Evangelist

A cultural evangelist leads the Pete Walk and will help you experience the rich culture & colourful traditions

Summer Palace of Tipu

Unravel the legend of Tipu, the Tiger of Mysore at his Palace, a fascinating structure with teak pillars and frescoes

Bangalore Fort

Visit a 16th century mud fort that got reinforced with stone and played a role in Anglo Mysore wars

Does a Pete Walk in Bangalore sound like fun?

Pricing Chart

4+ Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Light refreshments
2-3 Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Light refreshments
Single Person
2750 /person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Light refreshments

Pete Walk Itinerary

Experience the charm of Old Bangalore

Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan
The Summer Palace of Tipu is a fascinating structure with teak pillars and frescoes. The Palace captures key milestones in Tipu’s life including his early life, economic and social reforms undertaken by him, his victories and eventual defeat as well.
Kote Venkataramana Temple
We visit the magnificent Kote Venkataraman Temple. Built in the 17th century this temple follows an architecture style which is a fusion of Dravidian and Vijayanagar elements. This temple provided the setting for the treasure hunt in the book Riddle of the Seventh Stone.
Bangalore Fort
Built-in 1537 by Kempe Gowda the founder of Bangalore as a mud fort, it was reinforced with stone by Tipu’s father Hyder Ali in 1761. We will talk about how the fort played a role in the Anglo Mysore wars between Tipu and the British forces led by the legendary Lord Cornwallis.
Flowers, Fruits & Spices
This is one of the busiest and most famous markets in Bangalore. The bustling market is a riot of colors and acts as a nerve center for small traders and shop owners. We will visit the Flower, Fruits and Spice markets..
Bronze Bazaar
This bazaar caters to any one looking for statues and artifacts made of Bronze. It’s a mesmerizing view to look at thousands of statues of gods, men and objects
Silver & Gold
Itinerary ContentWe walk to the business hub for gold, silver, beads and stones like jade and emerald. It’s a haven for shoppers looking for any types of jewelry. Like kundan Sets, handmade jewelry, antique and temple Jewelry.
Silk Market
Itinerary ContentOur next destination is a bazaar famous for textiles and specifically for Silk Sarees. Silk Sarees are a cultural icon in South India. Ranging in length from 6-9 yards, these Sarees are worn by women during auspicious occasions like a wedding or a birthday.
8PM- Chikpet Metro Station
Itinerary ContentThis brings us to the end of the Pettah Walk.

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“The Pete walk is a time travel to the 19th century Bangalore where the bazaars were the heart of the city. Chandrashekar was an amazing guide who took us to all the famous shops in this ancient bazaar and we even saw old forts and Palaces of Tipu Sultan, the erstwhile ruler of Mysore Kingdom”
Jane Pattingson
“The Pete is a important part of history of Bangalore and it was my privilege to take a walk with 5 Senses Walk here. Our guide Chandrashekar was patient and took great care of us. He customized th bazaar visit based on our interest and it was a fascinating day. I also enjoyed the visit to an old Temple which beautiful sculptures."
Shane Dawson
Real Estate professional

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Mysore & other day trips

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