Panjim Heritage walk

Panjim Heritage Walk

Rs1650 onwards
Panjim Heritgae Walk tells the story of Panjim through the famous Tobacco Square, the Latin quarters, Maruti Temple, Immaculate Conception Church & Adilshahi Palace

Rewind the Indo-Portuguese clock!

Panjim Heritage Walk commences at a Square made famous by Tobacco trading. Explore the colorful residential quarters designed for the Portuguese Bureaucrats and servants. Walk past a wishing well, Chapel of St. Sebastian and the Temple on a hill dedicated to lord Maruti. Walk ends after visiting the the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception & Adilshahi Palace, Panjim's oldest surviving building from 1500 AD.

Cheerful colours

Fontainhas is a riot of colours and every building has a unique design and is in a bright shade. This Panjim walk will cheer you up!

Cultural Evangelist

A cultural evangelist will lead this Panjim walk and take you back a few centuries to narrate the tale of Panjim.

Blend of cultures

The Panjim walk brings alive the fact that modern Goa is a product of the blend of many different cultures like the Kadamba dynasty, Bijapur Sultanate and the Portuguese.

Does this Panjim Walk sound like fun?

Pricing Chart

4+ Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Tea
2 Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Tea
Single Person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Tea

Panjim Walk Itinerary

The untold story of Panjim

8:00 AM - Panjim Walk starts at GPO
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead this walk, outside the head post office of Panjim
8:15 AM - Tobacco Square
The Square got its name from Tobacco trading over the river. Walk past bright coloured buildings set on the backdrop of the river Mandovi.
845 AM- Fontainhas
Next in our Panjim Walk are the Latin quarters of Fontainhas, the residential quarters of Portuguese Bureaucrats and servants.
9:30 AM Maruti Temple
Temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is the next landmark in this Panjim Walk.
10:00 AM Altinho Hill
Spectacular views from a posh neighborhood up the hill
10:30 AM Our Lady of Immaculate Conception
The church was originally constructed on this hill for the sailors in 1541 & renovated in the 17th century.
11:00 AM- GPO
Panjim Walk ends at the Post Office.

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“The guide was very knowledgeable and could tailor the tours according the cultural background and interests of the participants. I am from England and have been to India on business 3 or 4 times and I learnt a lot about India, Indian history, and cultural matters. I am very happy to have spent two days in her expert care.”
Human Resources
“The Panjim heritage walk was a wonderful experience . The guide was terrific, had great passion for Goa and was able to explain the heritage structures as well as the history and culture of the place in depth. The stories of Portuguese legacy was very interesting. The food was Goan and delicious. I would strongly recommend 5 Senses for any tour in Goa!”
Jessie Lawrence

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