Bhubaneswar heritage walk

Bhubaneswar heritage walk

Rs2250 onwards
Bhubaneswar heritage walk explores vibrant temples and bazaars to get a pulse of the city's cultural heritage

Bhubaneswar heritage walk

Bhubaneswar heritage walk commences at the magnificent Parasurameshwara temple of 7th century with finely carved sculptures and ornamentation. This is followed by Mukteshwar and Someshwar temples, 2 gems of the Kalinga school of architecture. A pleasant walk by the Bindu Sagar lake is followed by a visit to a thriving local bazaar. More temples follow including the magnificent Raja Rani with sculptures of dancing women, the sandstone temple of Lingaraj , Anand Vasudev and Khakara style of architecture at Baitala.

Feel the pulse

Bhubaneswar has a vibrant atmosphere and this walk is tailored to experience the cultural immersion

Cultural Evangelist

A cultural evangelist will lead this walk in Bhubaneswar to help set the cultural context and facilitate an immersive experience.

Temples galore

Bhubaneswar is a city of temples and this walk has picked a few that are the epitome in Kalinga style of architecture

Does this Walk in Bhubaneswar sound like fun?

Pricing Chart

4+ Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Tea
2-3 Persons
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Tea
Single Person
Rs 2950/person
  • Guide
  • Entrance charges
  • Tea

Bhubaneswar walk itinerary

7:30 AM- Meet our guide
Meet the cultural evangelist outside Parashurama temple
8 AM - Twin temples
Visit the Mukteshwar and Someshwar temples to appreciate intricate carvings
8:30 AM- Lake walk
Take a pleasant walk around the Bindu Sagar lake
8:50 AM Ananda Vasudev
The idol of Balarama stands under a seven-hooded serpent, Subhadra holds a pot of jewels, and Lord Krishna holds a mace, chakra, lotus and conch
9:15 AM- Bazaar walk
The local bazaars of Bhubaneswar have a refreshing feel to it
9:30 AM- Lingaraj Temple
Visit the largest and most famous temple with a 180 feet tall central tower
9:50 AM- Baital temple
Explore the 8th century temple of Goddess Chamunda.
10:10 AM- Raja Rani temple
Magnificent sculptures of women dancing in Odissi style.

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“Hrudananda was an excellent guide as he explained to us the significance of every temple and the various rituals and prayers. The bazaar was very authentic and colourful. It was a very charming experience of Bhubaneswar”
Jack Lloyd
“The heritage walk was an amazing experience with Nayak. He was very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humour as well. He made us feel part of the city as we met local people and got to understand how they live and the importance of temples and religion in these parts.”
Suzy Wong

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