Gothic & Art Deco Story of Mumbai

Gothic & Art Deco Story of Mumbai

Mumbai Architecture Walk

Rs2250 onwards
In this Mumbai architecture walk listen to the story of the city through its World Heritage site of Gothic & Art Deco buildings

A city's secrets lie in its buildings!

The story of Mumbai began in the late 19th century when it emerged as a global trading city leading to a spurt in the construction of magnificent buildings. In this Mumbai Architecture Walk we will tell the story of Mumbai over the last 2 centuries through its remarkable collection of Victorian and Art Deco buildings which are now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Trading legacy of Mumbai

Trace the history of emergence of Mumbai as a leading trading centre of Asia through its Gothic & Art Deco buildings.

Cultural Evangelist

This Mumbai Architecture Walk is led by a cultural evangelist who will bring narrate the story of Mumbai.

World Heritage Sites

The theme of this Mumbai Architecture Walk is around the ensemble of Art Deco & Gothic buildings which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Gothic vs Art Deco

Learn about what makes a building "Gothic" or "Art Deco" and how to spot the tell tale signs in this Mumbai Architecture Walk.

Does a Mumbai Architecture Walk sound like fun?

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Mumbai Walk Itinerary

Victoria Terminus, Eros Cinema, Empress Court, Rajabai Tower, David Sasoon library, Elphinston College & Price of Wales Museum

8:00 AM - CST (Victoria Terminus)
Meet the cultural evangelist who will lead this Mumbai Architecture Walk, outside the entrance to ticket booking counter
8:30 AM - Eros Cinema
Walk to Eros, the cinema hall built in Art Deco style.
9:00 AM - Empress Court
Visit the most striking Art Deco residential building of Mumbai, next in our Mumbai Architecture Walk
09:30 AM - High Court
Justice and Mercy statues signify the High Court building
10:00 AM - Rajabai Tower
Visit the Big Ben of Mumbai next in this Mumbai Architecture Walk
10:20 AM - David Sasoon Library
Visit a reading room & library created by a Jewish banker named David Sassoon with over 70000 rare books.
10: 30 AM -Elphinston College
Elphinston is a remarkable Gothic structure with an illustrious alumni including Established in 1856, the institution Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Dr BR Ambedkar and Jamshedji Tata.
11: AM - Mumbai Architecture Walk ends at CSM Museum
The magnificent Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum, earlier known as Prince of Wales Museum, is where we part ways.

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“Narayanan took my wife and I on a walking tour of Mumbai. Narayanan's knowledge and enthusiasm made for a fantastic day. Nothing was too much for him. We even found time to visit the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya which was nothing short of amazing. Mumbai has an incredible heritage and Narayanan made it come to life with many side stories and anecdotes. An absolutely wonderful tour which I would recommend to every visitor to Mumbai.”
Russel Murphy
“This architecture walk in Mumbai is spectacular. Madhu did an incredible job in telling us the origin of Mumbai and he used all the buildings we passed by to narrate this story! Both the Gothic and Art Deco buildings are so beautiful. It is a must visit.”
Patricia Lind

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